BECU (Boeing Employees’ Credit Union) Online Banking Login

Personal Login

Step 1: Go to BECU Homepage, you can see “online banking” button on the top-right of the page. Click it.

BECU Homepage

A new online log-in window will be opened. Enter the User ID and Password to access your account.

BECU Online Login

Step 2: If you forget your User ID, just click the link “Forget Your User ID?”. A new User ID retrieval window will be opened. Enter your primary email address and other information to retrieve your User ID.

BECU User ID Retrival

Step 3: If you forget your password, just click the link “Forget Your Password?”. A new password reset window will be opened. Enter your User ID and Phone number to get your password.

BECU Password Reset

Step 4: If you are a new user of online banking, and you are already a member. click the link “click here” with the question “Already a Member? If you are not enrolled in Online and Mobile Banking yet click here.”

BECU Online Banking Enrollment

A new enrollment form will be opened. Enter the required details to create an online banking account.

BECU Enrollment

Step 5: If you are not a member of the credit union, you can be. For that, you have to click the link “Not a Member? Sign up for membership with BECU.” A new account creation window will be opened. You can create an account here.

BECU Open Account

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